Growing Up with the Denver Broncos at Mile High Stadium

Mile High Stadium
Some people say they grew up at Fenway Park or Dodger Stadium, for me it was football and growing up at Mile High Stadium watching the Denver Broncos. Actually, I first started going to Denver Broncos’ football games before it was even called Mile High Stadium.

My earliest memories of the Denver Broncos go way back, long before John Elway, back to the American Football League, when the Broncos were the laughingstock of the league. During those early years growing up with the Broncos, I saw some of the greatest players in the AFL and the NFL, and watch as the Broncos went from the doormat of the league to Super Bowl champions and one of the most successful teams in NFL history.
So many Denver Bronco fans today are too young to remember those funny and terrible teams of years past and expect only winning. Fans today can really appreciate these Denver Broncos just by looking back to their humble beginnings. 

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The Five Most Exciting Indy 500 Finishes

Indy 500
Indy 500 / Flickr

The Indy 500 race has been a Memorial Day event since 1911, and there have been some exciting and close finishes. Here are some of the most exciting finishes in the history of the Indy 500.

The True Meaning of Memorial Day

Memorial Day flags

Memorial Day has recently become more of a three-day holiday for big sales and BBQ's instead of remembering fallen soldiers and veterans. No matter how many Memorial Day ads we see, we should never forget the true meaning and history of Memorial Day.

Remembering the Great Songs of the 1980s

Stevie Ray Vaughan
For many of us in our fifties, the start of the 1980s meant the end of school and moving on with our lives. The 1980s was a new start and the music of the 1980s filled all of our lives. This decade also market the beginning of music videos that let us all listen and watch our favorite performers, bands and music of the 80s. 

Watching videos and listening to songs from the 1980s, can sure bring back some good memories. What were your favorite songs of the 1980s?

The Historical Facts of Prohibition in the United States

dumping alcohol during Prohibition
With all of the different brands of beers, beer ads on television and flavored vodkas, it might be hard to believe that at one time in the United States, it was illegal to make, sell, consume or buy beer and alcohol. This was called prohibition. For 13 long years, you could not legally buy or drink alcohol, but that did not stop the selling and drinking of alcohol.